Premier Client Services



Advanced Specialty Group, Inc.’s Premier Client Services is more than insurance. It’s a superior combination of risk management, asset protection, and, most of all, a professional and confidential approach to preserving personal wealth and safety. Affluent individuals and their families are the exclusive focus of Premier Client Services, a division of Advanced Specialty Group, Inc.

Advanced Specialty Group, Inc. understands that people with significant assets have complex insurance needs. Multiple homes, yachts, exotic automobiles, valuable art, custom jewelry and personal safety concerns require special attention and expertise.


Advanced Specialty Group, Inc.’s Premier Client Services packages insurance solutions for the company’s “premier” clients, including custom homes, international property, residential appraisal services, fine art and antique collections, family office liability, extensive jewelry collections, classic automobiles, watercraft and yacht, aircraft and aviation, personal and excess liability, employment practices liability and multi-state residences. Safeguarding the assets of financially secure clients requires more than run of the mill products and services. Personal Premier Client advisors
develop customized personal insurance programs designed to meet the particular
needs of each policyholder. Advanced Specialty Group, Inc.’s goal is to provide
a comprehensive approach that blends many different types of coverage into an
overall risk management plan.